Unique You

An intuitive, co-creative astrology conversation.

At our core we are one as love, joy, peace and infinite potential. Yet we are each following unique paths of experience and playing out individuated roles in the greater plan of all that is.

So what defines your unique path in this lifetime?

Each of us has individuated so we could have a personal experience here on this Earth. Our astrological chart gives us a glimpse into our unique challenges and potentials for this lifetime.

Who have we come here to be? What have we come to experience and learn?

When we know the key lessons we are to overcome, we no longer need to deny or belittle them. We become empowered as we embrace and honor the unique and courageous path we have chosen, and inspired by the potential we are walking toward.

This is not an astrology reading where I tell you what will happen.

This is an interactive two-way conversation exploring the energies at play in your life.

Come with the challenges you are navigating and questions about why things are as they are. Together we decipher their inherent lessons and how you can begin integrating them.

Discussion is interspersed with intuitive guidance, healing meditations and energetic transmissions of sound that support you to make the required shifts in consciousness.

The Details

All sessions take place online via Zoom and are recorded for future reference.

$225 NZD for 1.5 hours, including recording. Follow up sessions available at $175 for 75 minutes.

Are you ready to honor your unique self?

Note - An accurate time and location of birth is required.

What others have to say…

“I had a joint astrology and healing session with Jessica via Skype. It was a wonderful experience, I feel both aspects interlinked so well and gave both clarity and insight into deep routed thoughts and feelings. The healing aspect and meditation at the end of the session made me feel equally cleansed and inspired to face challenges. Jessica is a fabulous healer and very easy to connect with both face to face or via video call. I would highly recommend her.” - Joanna D.