The Deep Dive


An interactive co-creative partnership.

Move through blockages to embody your highest potential.


Your highest potential is joy, ease, peace and freedom - it is the nature of your Soul and the deepest essence of who you are.

Yet sometimes life can feel overwhelming, confusing or just plain scary and we need extra support to pinpoint why we are not feeling great, to process strong emotions and create lasting change. 

I hold a safe, non-judgmental container for all that you are experiencing to be seen, heard and transformed by love. 

We use conscious awareness to dive deep into the physical, emotional and mental bodies to release density and reveal the gifts and wisdom that have been locked away until now. 

It is about accessing and embodying the light of your Soul - the you that you are diving for - so you can live with freedom and joy.

Where can this partnership help?

  • Releasing old emotions and trauma 

  • Gaining clarity and understanding 

  • Forgiveness and self-love 

  • Healing physical aches and pain

  • Gaining tools for self-mastery and empowerment

  • Embodying high frequency states of being and pleasure. 

    These sessions are about empowering you as the self-healer you already are.

    I offer the guidance and energetic frequency that supports you to do this. Together we go to the places you thought you couldn’t go. It is deep, potent and transformational work.

Each session is unique but may include:

  • Guided self-inquiry

  • Angelic Reiki healing transmissions

  • Light language transmissions

  • Guided exploration into the body

  • Inner child healing

  • Belief system clearing

  • Past life healing

  • Guided creation of new realities and ways of being. 

    The Details

One of the most important aspects of this work is the relationship between you and me. For this reason we work together over a series of sessions to create the changes you are seeking.  

Choose one of three tiers + extend at any time

OPTION 1 - $333 NZD

3x 60 minute sessions 

OPTION 2 - $555 NZD

5x 60 minute sessions + a personally recorded light language transmission (valued at $49)

OPTION 3 - $777 NZD

7x 60 minute sessions + personally recorded light language transmission + FREE access to my online program Kitset to Joy (valued at $77).

SINGLE SESSIONS available for $135 NZD. Book here.

All sessions take place online via Zoom. 

Ready to Dive Deep!? 

Let me know your intentions below and I'll be in touch to make sure this journey is right for you. 

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