Embracing Emotion

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Emotions are an undeniable part of being human, yet they are so often the aspect of ourselves we are least comfortable with. In this series I guide you to understand how emotions are working at a deeper level and how you can change your relationship with them to transform your life. 

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Episode 1: An Introduction

This first episode gives an overview of the series to come, discusses the necessity of mastering our emotions in order to evolve as humans and offers insight into my own personal journey. 

Episode 2: How Emotions Operate

I discuss the characteristics of emotional energy, explain how it interacts with the body, how it may manifest physically, emotionally, mentally or via our life experiences, plus what happens when we clear it.

Episode 3: Our Relationship with Emotions

In this video we explore of the common beliefs we hold about emotions and examine the validity of them. In order to change the way we interact with anything, we must first open to new perspectives and possibilities. Click here for “Questions for Reflection”.

Episode 4: Emotions as Messengers

One of the purposes of our emotions is to provide guidance. They contain information designed to communicate with us. When we relate to them in this way they can guide us toward insight, resolution and ultimately wholeness.

Episode 5: Processing Emotion

This session explores embodiment principles for processing emotions in a healthy way. I offer a three-step process for spiritual and emotional alchemy to transform your energy. 

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Episode 6: Clearing Old Emotion

In this session I give context to our more overwhelming emotional responses. In these cases we need to apply additional understanding and patience.

Episode 7: Live Q&A

Topics discussed include:

  • Loneliness

  • Emotions & Creativity

  • Dealing with Overwhelm

  • Other People's Reactions

  • Best Tips for Empaths.

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Gain the emotional wisdom, self-mastery and empowerment you need to use your emotions as the fuel that propels you toward your highest potential.