A five week journey to;

Transform your reality;

Gain wisdom, self-mastery and empowerment;

Activate your true self and highest potential.

~ ~ ~

Emotions are raw power. Used with intelligence their energy propels us to new heights and revelations of self. Left lurking in the unconscious and we stay stuck in vicious, disempowering and unproductive cycles that limit our potential and our joy.

This experiential course is a guided journey into the depths of emotion to reveal the gifts it has to offer. We explore emotions from two angles – how to navigate old, dense emotional patterns to transform and liberate and; how to engage with our emotional reality as an unfolding path guiding us toward greater heights and potentials.

Through the course of the month you will take a journey into yourself, transforming old paradigms and revealing new truths and gifts according to your highest good, while being fully supported in the unfolding that takes place.


This course is for you if you want to:

  • Increase your capacity to connect to self and others;

  • Increase your ability to listen to your inner voice and guidance;

  • Understand feelings of frustration, overwhelm, anxiety, depression and more;

  • Let go of heavy feelings and disempowering thoughts preventing you from moving forward in your life;

  • Move toward your highest potential and the realization of your dreams;

  • Experience a lighter more joyful version of yourself;

… plus so much more!

A profound and transformational five week journey.

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  • Weekly group calls (60 minutes) with space for Q&A

    • Call time to be decided between the group and will be recorded if you can’t make it live

  • 14 + Light Language transmissions to heal specific emotions

  • Guided healing meditations and awareness practices

  • Journal prompts and transformational self-inquiry tools

  • Private Facebook group for additional support and sharing

  • VIP option for additional support and expansion (limited to 4 places)

✓ Take part from anywhere in the world

✓ Lifetime access to all materials

Indicative topics covered;

The Emotional Journey; The Purpose and Origin of Emotions; Healing the Inner Child; Emotional Releasing Techniques; Emotions as Teachers; Belief Systems and Emotions; The Potential in Our Emotions.

Your Investment:

  • $199 NZD - Early Bird

  • $277 NZD - Standard pricing

Please contact me to discuss payment plans if needed.

VIP Option:

In addition to the standard course you receive 3x 1:1 Deep Dive sessions (one per fortnight) to personally support you where you need it most (valued at $333). You will be supported to drop deeper into the value of your emotions and gain confidence navigating them. Limited to four places.

  • $499 NZD - Early Bird (save $111)

  • $577 NZD - Standard pricing

VIP payment plans available ($199 NZD deposit to reserve your place).

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