Self-Inquiry for Joy

Guided Journal Prompts

Often it is not as simple as just setting ourselves on the track of Joy. We have many layers of subconscious conditioning that can block our way – these are the exact same reasons we are not already experiencing endless Joy! Usually the reasons for how we have been living so far are well-intended and have served us for a time. However, because they are distorted energy patterns not operating at their highest potential, they are now limiting our path forward.

This conditioning is usually comprised of limited perspective and beliefs about yourself or the world. Along with their corresponding energetic frequencies, these views make it difficult for the highest possibilities to be realised. With awareness of the areas that may be leading us astray, we will be more able to recognise and deconstruct these patterns. We do so by creating a new vision and approach whilst holding our current circumstance with unconditional love and compassion.

This series of questions will help you inquire into the conditioning that may be standing in your way. There is one set of questions for general inquiry and another for times when you are stuck on taking a particular course of action. You can download and print the questions or simply write straight into your journal.

Guided Self-Inquiry

This series of questions is intended to help you recognise your basic conditioning around Joy and how this is both supporting and limiting you in your current life. When you write, let go of your thinking mind, drop into your body and write with the intent of feeling and allowing energy to move through you. There is no right or wrong answer.

  • What are your earliest memories of Joy?

  • How do you think your parents relate to Joy?

  • How did this influence your childhood experience of Joy?

  • How does your childhood experience influence you now?

  • In what parts of your life do you feel most Joyful?

  • In what parts of your life do you most struggle to feel Joy?

  • What feelings do you experience in this part of your life instead?

  • What beliefs are attributed to these feelings?

  • How have these beliefs been serving you until now? Are they still supporting your highest good?

  • What beliefs and experiences would you rather have?

  • What affirmations best capture this new way of being? Record and repeat nine times a day for three days and/or in the Yoga Nidra practice.

  • What insights or lessons can you apply from the areas of your life you do feel Joyful?

Take note of any other insights or revelations that may have occured.

Inquiry for Moving Forward

This guided inquiry will assist at times of decision making where you are feeling challenged to follow in the guidance of the heart. It will help you drop beneath the layers of conditioning and truly step into your Joy story.

  • What is my motivation for the considered action? What do I hope will happen?

  • Is this aligned with my highest happiness and freedom? How?

  • What are my fears? What am I afraid might happen?

  • Are these fears necessarily true? What else might happen?

  • Is this aligned with how I want to live and feel? What would be?

  • How can I support myself to take the aligned course of action?

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