Work With Me

Connect with your highest potential and activate it in your life.

So many of us want to find happiness and live our greatest life, but instead find ourselves playing out the same old story time and time again. It isn’t that transformation is not possible, it is simply a matter of understanding who we are and how to create lasting change.


Who do I work with?

  • Those feeling blocked, frustrated, overwhelmed or dissatisfied and who want to get unstuck;

  • Who want to break out of the cycle they are in and actively engage in the process of change;

  • Who want to find themselves and bring forth their greatest potential;

  • Who just need a little guidance, insight or confidence to up the ante and run with the wind;

  • Who want to be free, fulfilled and empowered!

This work can help those who want to feel safe and accepted, to forgive themselves, release fear, shame and other emotions including self-doubt, criticism, perfectionism, anxiety, dysfunctional relationship patterns and more. If you are feeling blocked, lost and unsure of what direction to take, I empower you to connect with what you truly want and follow that path.

What happens in a session?

One-on-one sessions are a safe, judgement-free place to explore whatever is coming up for you. We talk about what you are currently experiencing and where you would like to be. I use a divinely guided combination of self-inquiry, embodiment practices, healing transmissions and intuitive guidance to assist you to move forward. You will be empowered in the process of change and how to integrate new ways of being into your life.

Each session is unique but may include:

  • Guided self-inquiry

  • Angelic Reiki healing transmissions

  • Light language transmissions

  • Guided exploration into the body

  • Inner child healing

  • Belief system clearing

  • Past life healing

  • Guided creation of new realities and ways of being. 

My work applies across the board, in all areas of your life.

If you feel called to work with me, I invite you to follow that call.

How does it work?

All sessions take place online via Zoom. You will be emailed a link to our meeting in advance. Each session lasts approximately 60 minutes and your investment is $135 NZD.

Are you ready to set yourself free and realize your potential?

Want to go deeper?

Book a series of sessions and save with The Deep Dive Partnership. Find out more here.

What others have to say…

"Jessica is a non-judgmental and genuinely curious coach who keeps the focus on me at all times. When I became emotional during our sessions she was not uncomfortable and was able to go into the deep, dark places with me. She is reassuring and acknowledges me for my courage. I have had five other coaches, but have had the biggest discoveries with her. Other coaches are good at the what but Jessica is really gifted at coaching the what AND the who." - Allison, Wisconsin

“My sessions with Jessica have been nothing short of magical. Yesterday after my session I felt incredibly light and ethereal. A testament to Jessica's authentic connection to the ethereal realm and the lightworker energy she brings through. I love her practice of connecting me in with my body and bringing my awareness to feelings and sensations in my body and what they mean for me on an emotional level. She has such a beautiful gentle way of guiding you through the process of uncovering where emotional triggers are coming from and shifting your mindset around them. I walked away from my session yesterday with such an aligned perspective that I create my own reality 🌸 It has brought the magic and wonder back into my human experience. Bless you Jessica. I highly recommend working with this magical lightworker.” - Hannah, Wellington

"I completed six coaching sessions with Jessica and found the experience to be an incredibly beneficial one. I felt like I had an opportunity to drive the topics and focus on the areas of my life that required the most assistance. The process incorporated numerous awareness tools and many honest conversations in a safe and supportive environment. Jessica empowered me to strive out of my comfort zone without fear of ridicule or judgement. I would strongly recommend Jessica's services to anyone looking for clarity or a safe space to discuss anything they consider a difficult topic." - Emma, Sydney - "One very grateful and blessed customer!"

"I have never done Coaching previously but Jessica made me feel at ease immediately with her warm and professional approach. I felt very comfortable. Together we explored many things which helped me find some clarity amongst my thoughts. In one particular session I had an incredible and completely unexpected out pour of emotion which came about quite by surprise. Jessica gave me confidence to express this emotion in the safe space of the coaching session and to work through this in a positive way. I found the sessions to be very beneficial and would totally recommend Jessica to anyone interested to gain some personal insights and coaching through life changes." - Gail, Auckland

"I used Jessica's services over the course of six weeks to find new ways to connect. Using our mutual interest in yoga we were able to connect immediately. Jessica realized some blockages I had and used techniques that helped me relax and become more in tune with the energy I wanted around me. Knowing what Jessica gave me in our sessions long distance makes me wish we were closer and could connect in person." - Juliette, New York City