What is Angelic Reiki?

Angelic Reiki is a multi-dimensional healing therapy that targets the root cause of your concern. What we see or feel as a physical symptom, emotional distress or uncomfortable life circumstance is usually the result of a deeper issue that is as yet unresolved. Angelic Reiki works by flowing high frequency energy to the recipient which assist to dislodge lower frequencies that have built up and are now causing pain, distress or life challenges. 

What can Angelic Reiki help with?

  • Clearing negative thoughts and beliefs that are limiting you in your life

  • Releasing stored emotions and trauma energy

  • Physical pain and health conditions

  • Renewing the physical body at the cellular, molecular and DNA levels

  • Clarity and resolution around difficult life scenarios

  • Activating latent knowledge and gifts

  • Feeling deep relaxation, unconditional love, support and peace.

My approach is intuitive and customised to your needs.

I combine Angelic Reiki with a number of healing methods dependent on what is required. This might include intuitive insights or guidance, light language activations, the clearing of old contracts and beliefs, past life healing and take away tools and techniques to assist with creating change in your life. I may also provide an essential oil to support you during the integration process. 

What is the result?

Each healing session is deeply therapeutic. You will feel lighter and more at ease with your enthusiasm for life and can-do attitude restored. Many people report significant shifts in their life and health following treatment. Most complaints require only one session to clear, although chronic or deep seated issues may require longer. The effectiveness of your healing is largely dependent on your readiness to let go of old limiting patterns and beliefs and adopt a new perspective and way of being. 

What happens during the session?

We will discuss what you want to get from the healing. I then run the healing energy and share any insights as they arrive. It is generally a very relaxing experience. After the healing we will discuss your experience and I will offer insights and guidance to support you on your journey. 

How does it work?

Most sessions take place online via Zoom. I am also available in person in Waipu, New Zealand. Each session lasts approximately 60 minutes and your investment is $135 NZD.

What others have to say…

"Having stepped up to Jessica's table recently during a time of turmoil and physical challenges, I can report a palpable sense of clarity and well-being returning. The shifts I have felt over two visits really have been quite remarkable; so much so, I've now locked in a standard fortnightly booking. Set in the most beautiful surroundings, you have certainly created a safe space for healing and expansion, thank you!" - Michele

"I thought I would let you know I really got a lot out of the Reiki today. I still can't believe how much I felt through the session. Ever since then throughout the day I've been feeling different. I can't explain it but I feel softer and so calm all through me. Thanks so much." - Alana

"...I began to feel a buzzing sensation in my hands and feet. Before long, my throat felt tight and hot – like when you’re crying – and the sensation grew stronger and stronger until I felt a click in the back of my throat and it immediately dissipated. Afterwards I felt calmer than I had in months and considerably less of an emotional basket case. I would recommend reiki if you’re having trouble processing emotions or are feeling a bit off within yourself." - Emma, Good Health Choices Magazine. Read more...

"I had been suffering from constant pain and swelling to my left foot for around 8 - 10 months. I had not been able to walk much at all and the pain at night often kept me awake. My specialist had advised that there was really nothing that could be done, as there was damage to one of the pivotal bones on the top of my foot. I went to Jessica for a Reiki session.  This was a pleasant experience with me even drifting off to sleep for much of the time. A couple of times during the session I felt  slight tremors which seemed to run right through my body.  This was completely painless. I slept extremely well that night and since then have had much less paid and swelling in my foot and have even been able to go on several pain free walks. I am more than pleased with the result and can really recommend Jessica's Reiki Sessions." - Diane

"I went to Jessica for some healing work around an operation that I was finding difficult to recover from. Jessica helped me on a physical and emotional level. I'm really glad I went. I still remember some of the key things she said to me and they still resonate today." - Anne

"What a beautifully enlightening session with Jessica tonight. Your light and your energy is beyond infectious and I am honoured to have found you on my journey" - Wendy

"Working with Jessica I found her compassionate and understanding. In our session together she enabled me to just feel and be, which is something I so frequently struggle with. I highly recommend Jessica to anyone who is searching." - Seona


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