Shannon Rose, Spiritual Mentor & Channel - Auckland, NZ

"My Angelic Reiki Healing with Jessica changed my life. As soon as I laid on the table, I was taken back to a past life that needed to be cleared to break the pattern of not trusting men, resulting in not trusting my inner masculine i.e self love and self confidence.

Not only did the healing break this pattern, but she also gave me multiple tools to continue integrating the healing around my solar plexus chakra and inner masculine.

The most amazing thing is that nearly right after, my inner shift started reflecting in my outer world. I starting attracting more men into my life, including to my workshops which I had never really had male attendees.

I am feeling much more sure in myself, I have a new found confidence in my work as a Breathwork Facilitator and finally feel ready for love in my life.

Jessica is an incredibly gifted, tuned in and compassionate healer.

Not only is she well-versed in the spiritual/energetic realm but she has a special way of talking with you to bring any limiting beliefs/imbalances to the surface so you too can be involved in the healing rather than just clearing energetic blocks.

This healing was FAR more powerful than any Reiki I have ever had and I highly recommend to anyone who wants to SHIFT or REALIGN their life!"