Sierra Blue, Intuitive Ascension Guide - California, USA

“Jessica is an incredible spaceholder. She was able to create a safe container while we explored some soul themes that had recently been surfacing to be transformed. She gently yet powerfully guided me through parts of my physical body where energy, emotions, and old patterning was still stagnant.

She energetically held a strong wavelength of compassion and love while supporting me on a deep journey through heavy emotional density that was ready to be released. Her voice in itself carried a frequency of healing light that allowed me to go deep into the nooks and crannies of old belief systems and traumas held particularly in my throat and womb space.

Through her steady vibration of divine feminine unconditional love and patience, and insightful prompts, I was able to access higher aspects that were ready to integrate back into my human experience- and am still continuing to do so weeks later. I highly recommend working with Jessica and look forward to working with her again.”