Hi, I'm Jessica! 

Curiously, where I now find absolute joy and liberation are the places I once feared and resisted the most. One of those is dancing in public. Overcoming that particular fear was child's play in comparison to facing the aspects of myself I did not want to acknowledge. I now know, that as uncomfortable as it may be, we must meet our most "unsavory" places of darkness and frustration with love and forgiveness. In doing so we open the gateway to the joy and contentment we so seek. 

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In short, my life has not always felt as inspired and hopeful as it does now. A broken family, the sudden death of my father at a young age and violence in the home during my early years all contributed to the development of crippling perfectionism, anxiety, PTSD and seriously repressed emotions. My physical health suffered immensely as a result. As a young adult I worked in the fast-paced corporate world all the while looking to my career, men, drugs, alcohol and material items for the security and fulfillment I craved. Although my life looked great from the outside I couldn't shake the desperation I felt within. 

I sought freedom through a multitude of modalities including yoga, meditation, natural medicine, energy healing and much more. I was on a mission to unravel stagnant cycles of untruth from body, mind and spirit, and revolutionize my life. For a long time it felt like an uphill battle and I wondered where it would all end.

That was until one incredible day when I had a direct encounter with my own all-loving, all-powerful inner presence. In that I experienced more peace, joy and freedom than I would ever have imagined possible. I have been working to embody this authentic Soul-Self ever since, while witnessing my life change beyond measure.

This experience is available to all of us, if only we know how. It is more simple and natural than we may think, and it all stems from unconditional self-love, compassion and radical self-acceptance. My life is now committed to sharing this wisdom and guidance with others, who know deep down, there must be something more to life.

I am an Angelic Reiki Master Teacher, Past Life Healing Practitioner, 200hr Yoga Alliance Trained Yoga Teacher, Foundational Evolutionary Astrologer and ICA Trained Life Coach. More importantly, I continue to gain a rich plethora of knowledge and insight from my personal practices and life itself as my greatest teacher. I bring all this and more together in my work.

In shining the light on my darkness I am both freeing myself and paving the way for others to do the same. Because I am doing it, I know you also have the power within you to heal and reveal the life of your dreams. To be a stepping stone on your path would be an absolute honor. I look forward to serving you.

With love,

Jessica xo

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