The Creation Process

Understanding The Creative Process - 19 minute audio + Visual

This audio discusses the three phases of creation - Choose, Build and Release - in conjunction with the graphic below. Knowing how the creative process works is essential to engaging in the co-creation of joy from a place of intelligence and empowerment. With this basic understanding in place you will be equipped to recognise and navigate the unfolding of change in your own life.

This audio also outlines which practices in this kitset will best support you through each phase of the process. The phases of creation discussed in this audio are universal and can be applied across all areas of your life.

Listen once and then periodically as you feel overwhelmed or need refreshing.


The Phases in Summary:


  • Choice is where we exercise our power of free will

  • Sincere, wholehearted choices are the most potent use of energy

  • Making conscious decisions based on how they feel

  • Knowing that not one choice or the other is right or wrong

  • TOOLS: Joy-Based Decisions; Guided Self-Inquiry.


  • Actively creating the joy vibration in our field and physical body

  • Feeling the energy of what we desire in the now, not waiting

  • Seeding the words and affirmations of new beliefs and ways of being

  • Courageously implementing the action we know is right for us

  • TOOLS: Daily Meditation; Flow Yoga Practice; Yoga Nidra; Light Language Transmission; Guided Self-Inquiry (for affirmations).


  • Understanding that the old must fall away in order for the new to flourish

  • The purging of old, low vibrational thoughts and emotions

  • Letting go of old aspects of life that no longer fit

  • Becoming the neutral witness to all the rises and falls

  • TOOLS: Slow Yoga Practice; Yoga Nidra; Guided Self-Inquiry (to locate limiting beliefs).

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