Slow Yoga Practice (Yin)

Guided Slow Movement Practice - 60 minute video

  • Guided practice begins 2:11

  • Optional Spotify playlist to compliment your practice: Click here.

Yin yoga is a practice of not doing. It helps us come into a state of effortless being. Often when our emotions and thoughts are running high we tend to get caught up in them or avoid them completely, forgetting that they are simply passing experience. This practice helps us carve out the time and space to process whatever if going on for us and witness the impermanent, ever-changing nature of our experience. As the dross of our conditioning settles, Joy naturally appears from behind the clouds where it always was.

Practice once a week or whenever you need to find your calm centre and sense of perspective.

TIP: This practice uses two blocks. If you don’t have any blocks you may use several thick books or a couple of rolled up towels.

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