Flow Yoga Practice

Guided Movement Practice - 55 minute video

  • Movement practice begins 2:53

  • Optional Spotify playlist to compliment your practice: Click here

This practice is designed to bring you deeply into the here and now of your body with the focused intention of building the joy vibration. It is an invitation to move in a way that feels good and right for you. When moving and being in a way that feels good to us becomes second nature, our hearts lead the way and we call more and more joy into our lives.

By cultivating joy in our body here and now, we need not wait or be anywhere but where we are to have what we want. When we resonate at the vibration of our desire in the now, we send this message out into the universe and call the same vibration back. Further, the cells and functions of the body operate optimally when resonating at the frequency of joy.

Practice twice a week or whenever you want to refresh and uplift.

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